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Professional Chartered Accountants

The Problem

A new e-commerce business owner who is seeing their store flourish but has no time to devote to their bookkeeping or figure out how to get the data from the online platform to their accountant. With many accountants not knowing how e-commerce platforms like Shopify work or understand the payout structure, they came to us at Fint Cloud Accounting to assist them.

The Solution

We suggested that they use Xero, a cloud accounting system that can help integrate the data from their Shopify store. We used the Bold Commerce integrator that helps integrate Shopify to Xero and brings in the relevant data for the purposes of bookkeeping for the store.

Professional Chartered Accountants
Professional Chartered Accountants

The Result

The result is a modern solution that doesn’t have the business owner printing off reports from Shopify and bringing it to a brick and mortar accountant to interpret the financial figures. We set up the financial system to have controls by bringing in data directly from Shopify and their bank.

With our monthly bookkeeping package, the business owner does not have to worry about ensuring they are being paid out properly by Shopify or about their taxes. We take care of all of that for them. The only thing they need to do is to provide us with copies of their receipts (digitally) and we do all of the bookkeeping. We work with the business owner to understand their business transactions and provide them with monthly updates on their financial performance.

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